Donner Collaborates with
School of Rock 
to Bring Exclusive Experience to Young Beginner Music Learners
Donner, a leading music instrument brand, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking strategic partnership with School of Rock, a renowned institution dedicated to nurturing musical talents worldwide. This collaboration marks an unprecedented move that will revolutionize music education.
A cornerstone of this partnership is the "Donner X SoR Gear Select" program, designed to offer School of Rock students access to high-quality Donner instruments at unbeatable prices. Whether it's guitars, keyboards, drum sets, or other essential gear, this program ensures that every music dreamer has the necessary tools to thrive on their artistic journey.
This strategic partnership between Donner and School of Rock is a testament to their shared dedication to advancing music education globally. As they embark on this transformative venture, both organizations are committed to pushing boundaries, fostering creativity, and nurturing the talents of tomorrow.
Stay tuned for exciting developments and opportunities arising from this collaboration. Together, Donner and School of Rock are
poised to shape the future of music education, inspiring generations of artists to come.


School of Rock is the world's largest and most trusted multi-location music school with tens of thousands of musicians going through our classes, workshops, camps and performance programs every day. Founded as a single school in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1998, School of Rock now has over 300 locations in 15 different countries, helping aspiring musicians master skills, unleash creativity, and develop tools they need to thrive in life.


DonnerMusic x School of Rock:
Empowering Young Musicians

Global accessibility

Donner's worldwide presence and direct-to-consumer model enables School of Rock to provide quality, affordable instruments to student musicians globally.

Innovative inspiration

Donner's cutting-edge music technology solutions inspire and engage the next generation of artists through School of Rock's programs.

Removing barriers

This collaboration eliminates financial and accessibility hurdles, allowing School of Rock students to start their musical journey with the right gear from day one.

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