Brand Profile

Global Music Technology Brand Founded in 2012

Since 2012, Donner has been committed to creating new experiences in music and performance. As a pioneer of innovative instruments and electronics, we were among the first to introduce the mini guitar pedals.

The company is dedicated to research, manufacturing, and the sale of musical instruments of all kinds. Relying on a strong and efficient R&D team, Donner has gradually earned a reputation for its high-quality and affordable musical instruments and accessories.

Founder Story

Hevin HeFounder of Donner

The power of music manifests itself as the agent of connection. Each of us is somewhat universally connected in the world of music, where we revisit our deepest surge of emotion.

The world is nothing but boring and bleak without music. My first guitar in high school always helped me to find my voice when words failed me. Every time I play a new song on the ball with my companion guitar, I love myself more. Playing music is fun. And it got more thrilling when I learnt to widen my taste for music, traveling through the expansively evocative world of music. In the sound, I could feel the echoes of ethos, the passion of the producer, beyond age and race, and across time and space. In music, we live as a whole.

Music is not under the purview of professionals and prodigies. It offers me so much that I decided to start my own business of musical instruments, missioned to make music more playable and accessible to everyone.

The business took off with our lines of effect pedals that give more substance to music, just like what music to us.

I hope everyone who loves music could better sync with their musical self with Donner.

Hevin He, Founder of Donner

Brand chronicle


Brand Founded. Donner introduced the revolutionary mini guitar pedals and setup the Amazon store.


Our Ukulele ranked Top 1 on the Amazon Best Seller list.


Expanded sales to over 30 countries through Amazon and the proportion of the market increases significantly.


2020 Ranked among the global Top3 of Amazon musical instrument brands, launched our own website, expanded to more than 100 countries.


Increased R&D production, entered the intelligent hardware field, and developed the donner music app. Multiple products like carbon fiber series products, microphones, MIDI keyboards, and guitar effects won the Red Dot Design Award, European Product Design Award, Golden Point Design Award, China Design Intelligence Award, and even won "the world's smallest 25-key MIDI keyboard" award. The portable percussion board won the IF Product Design Award.


Brand highlighted by The New York Times, LA Weekly, Yahoo, Guitar World, Music Radar, and other prestigious media outlets.

Brand Concept

Our Implication

The name “Donner” traces back to the german word 'thunder', symbolizing the brand’s innovation. our logo is called the ‘pulse’. It represents the moment when sound and human emotion connect.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to help beginners to gear up for their musical dreams by creating playable and playful products.

Our Vision

Creating rich and colorful lives and becoming the global leading music technology company.