Acoustics and Aesthetics All in one!
Digital Piano with Gorgeous Tone
Enjoy Classic Acoustic Piano Tones
When you press the first key, you will be surprised to hear how close it is to the tone of the grand piano. With the DDP-200, you can enjoy a small concert at home.
Full 88 Key “DGH” Keyboard Real Touch
"DGH"is a patented technology to produce the Dynamic Grand Hammer keyboard. This gives you the best response from an electronic keyboard and compares very close to that of anacoustic. At the heart of"DGH"is the feel of the keyboard from soft to loud,across the entire range of the keyboard. This is the next generation in the pursuit of a fully expressive instrument.
Immersive Grand Sounds
Experience the pinnacle of musical expression with the DDP-200's six stunning grand sounds. Each sound has been carefully crafted to capture the essence of a grand piano, offering a variety of options to suit every mood and musical style.
Powerful Speaker System
The DDP-200 boasts a rich and powerful speaker system that delivers exceptional sound quality. Whether you're practicing alone or entertaining guests, this instrument ensures that every note resonates beautifully throughout your space.
Perfect for Compact Spaces
Not only does the DDP-200 exude elegance, but it is also designed to fit seamlessly into compact spaces. Its pithily petite yet sonorously satiating stature allows it to blend harmoniously with contemporary aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for modern homes with limited space.
Versatile Connectivity
1.3-inch LCD Screen
Simple interface to select the instrument and adjustable parmeters for each.
5Reverb Effects
6Tones(GRAND PIANO、STAGE PIANO、AMB PIANO、String、Slow String、Organ)
5Demonstration Songs
Magnetic Design Music Rest
Other Functions
MIDI Bluetooth Function: Connect your smartphone or iPad to the smart APP
Dual Headphone Mode:Dual Headphone Mode allows two individuals to practice, play together, or have private lessons simultaneously while enjoying independent and discreet listening experiences.
Built-in Metronome:The Built-in Metronome provides a consistent and precise rhythmic reference, aiding in timing accuracy, tempo control, and overall musical development.
Grand Piano Pedals:The genuine steel-grade metal pedals recreate the traditional grand piano pedal, offering soft tone, sound-making, and sustain functions.