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David McKinzie
David McKinzie, the Powerful Bassist Behind the Artists. From the soulful whispers of Kirk Whalum's sax to the funkadelic beats of George Clinton, and the iconic vocals of Sam Moore from Sam & Dave, McKinzie's bass has been the backbone to countless performances. His art has resonated through the halls of Tiny Desk concerts to the high-energy sets of Stevie Wonder and the prestigious Late Show. Every pluck and groove tells a story of musical excellence. Stay tuned for a journey through the sounds that define generations.
Instrumentalist Virtuoso
Worked with:
Kirk Whalum, George Clinton, William Bell Booker T. Jones, Dee Dee Bridgewater Sam Moore (of Sam & Dave), The Memphis Orchestra Denzel Curry, Frank McComb Tiny Desk, Stevie Wonder,Late Show
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