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Donner's New Technology and Innovations Give Their Guitars The Most Unique Tones


Donner's 2022 NAMM show sees packed house of young artists, performers, buyers and students who came out to experience new Carbon Fiber, smart, & silent guitars

ANAHEIM, Calif., June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Donner Music, the global music technology company focusing on developing instruments that overdeliver on tone, value and innovation, wrapped up their first NAMM show and saw a record booth turnout of performers and artists eager to try Donner's new products.  


The NAMM show was back in full force last weekend, and the Donner booth was busy from start to finish. Korean-American songwriter and performer Lawrence Park did a live performance celebrating his 750K Youtube subscriber count. Performers Dr. Funk Rhythm from the Tonight Show Band and Michael O'Neal from Beginner Audiophile rocked the Donner DDS-520 drum set. Kai Turnbull, associate professor from Berklee College of Music, got his new DST-152 electric guitar for his DIY project, exploring the limitless possibilities of musical expression. Paul Riaro, tech editor of Guitar World Magazine shredded on the Donner DST-400, flagship of the Seeker Series electric guitars.


NAMM attendees got to experience Donner's new Rising Series Carbon Fiber Instruments, including guitars, violins and ukuleles which are crafted using an innovative new manufacturing technique developed by Donner.

"Having owned and played a number of carbon fiber guitars, what I noticed about the tone of yours was an increased bass response. I don't know if that is attributed to the shape, internal bracing or position of the sound hole, but I could really hear the bass notes ring clearly as I played your guitar," said Eric Dahl, published author, freelance music gear reviewer for American Songwriter, Maverick Country Magazine and Worship Music Magazine.

Also shown at NAMM was the DST-400 Seeker Series electric guitar, which features a premium alder body equipped with a coil-splitting tone pot wired to a particularly versatile control circuit besides the H-S-S pickup system. "I think it's a great and cool guitar. Very easy to play, very smooth with great action," said Multi-instrumentalist and hard rock aficionado, Byron Nemeth on DST-400.

Another new release by Donner is the Hush-I Silent Guitar series which is ideal for beginners and travelers featuring a compact and detachable structure and a graduated asymmetrical neck design, the headless design gives easy access to frets for quicker learning. "It's so interesting. It's like an electric guitar or anything else but an acoustic guitar and it's so small and I love the tone as well. It's crazy you can plug it into a headphone," said young singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Edi Callier who just had a successful show at Sofar Sounds with Donner's HUSH-I guitar.

Donner also unveiled the prototype of the new DMI Smart Guitar, an acoustic which pairs with a new software platform that assists entry-level players in learning guitar with ease. By selecting the chords players want to learn in Donner's APP via their smartphones, the chord will be shown up interactively on the fingerboard by LED lights underneath. With this APP players can effectively practice and start a course specifically designed for the smart guitar.

"With all the lights on the fretboard telling you how to play the chords, the smart guitar is so cool for entry-level players," Said Dan Austin from Austin Music Co., a family owned and operated music store and school located in Miramar Beach, Florida.

This NAMM show caps another year of growth for the company that continues to introduce new and innovative instruments. 

Donner is a musical and technology company & brand that has been committed to creating enjoyable, innovative, aesthetically pleasing musical instruments for over a decade. Starting with guitar effects pedals, Donner has grown into a full range of musical instruments and accessories in just ten years' time.

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About Donner

Founded in 2012, Donner Music is a global music technology company striving to create innovative in-house products. Donner builds guitars, electronic pianos, ukuleles, electronic drums, and other musical instruments, as well as audio equipment like stereos, monitors, turntables, and microphones. Donner aims to inspire artists and equip all levels of musicians with excellent instruments and online learning resources so that everyone can access the beauty and power of creating and playing music.