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Donner Pushes Updates for New Mobile App for Its Smart Devices, Donner Connect


From Donner Control to Donner Connect, Donner extends its ambition beyond musical instrument industry.


OCTOBER 20, 2022 — Donner today has pushed a version update to its mobile app for earbuds by renaming it from Donner Conrtol to Donner Connect. The app also adds to new features to support its future smart devices besides its newly launched Dobuds ONE earbuds.

Compatible with Donner's latest wireless noise cancelling earbuds - Dobuds ONE, Donner Connect is an app for iOS and Android platforms that adds new levels of enjoyment to your music with access to six Donner's EQ presets and extra customizable EQ modes are available.

Through the Donner Connect app, customers can boost or diminish specific frequencies to their personal listening preferences. It allows customers to customize the sound for the type of music they are listening to, such as pop, electronic, classical and others. 


Customization and personalization

With Donner Connect users can personalize and control their devices directly from the app.

Total control

Connect to one or multiple compatible Donner devices to amplify sound for stereo.

Get the most out of your devices

Unlock more functional features for your devices, for example, custom equalizer, game mode, etc.