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NAMM 2023: Donner Unveils the Innovative Product for Music Education


REVO smart guitar overcomes the barriers of space and time by connecting the teacher, students and musical knowledge all together


Anaheim, CA – (April 12, 2023) With a mission of making music more easily accessible to music lovers, Donner, the leading manufacturer of innovative and feature-rich musical instruments, has unveiled a prototype of the innovative REMO during its presence at NAMM 2023.



The REVO smart guitar is a revolutionary product for guitar education, for both learners and tutors. Equipped with Donner's engineer's patented DMI pickup system and advanced audio algorithm, the REVO can recognize and display every note played by the player with low latency and high precision. It can provide feedback to the player through its dynamic lighting fretboard while recording it into the Donner Play App synchronously. Guitarists can customize their fretboard notes, chords, scale positions, and colors to help them practice more efficiently and memorize the fretboard. The REVO also overcomes the barriers of space and time by connecting teachers, students, and musical knowledge all together. Whether in the hands of a beginner or an experienced player, with the REVO Guitar, learning, teaching, and sharing become much easier and more efficient.


DMI Pickup System

Donner's patented DMI Pickup system consists of two pickups - 1 coil pickup with special structure design, coil rounds and magnet by Donner, 1 Donner patented piezo pickup.

Up to 99.9% Pickup accuracy, no more than 120 ms delay

Fast and accurate dynamic detection, instant feedback, real time playing recording


Smart RGB Lighting Fretboard

Multi-layer nested construction and highly translucent resin material for clearer display.

Chord shapes, pitch names, scale modes and samples of custom licks are all visually presented on the fretboard by variable lighting.

4 light displaying modes for the fun of playing and on-stage performing


Remote Teaching and Learning

The built-in Bluetooth wireless mode allows the tutor's REVO guitar connecting other guitars, like the students. 1 REVO guitar is able to connect up to10 other REVO guitars. Teaching mode enables the parent to control the lighting that shows up in the child guitars, showing what is the teacher playing on the child guitars.

Multiple teaching modes for different teaching scenarios.


Connect with Donner Play App

You can also set up your REVO guitar directly from the APP that includes 40 free interactive courses, samples of licks, challenging games - all compatible and connected with the smart guitar.


Other features

Basic Guitar Course: Helps to learn guitar from scratch

Donner Play App: Include chords, licks, songs and tools like Tuner, Metronome, Drum Machine

Playing Record: Records the music played, and converts it into tablature format

Guitar Status Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of the guitar temperature and humidity status, intelligently alerted through the App if the environment is not in good condition


Onboard tools:



Chord sheets

Drum machine

Hygrometer & thermometer



Top: A+ Solid Spruce

Body: A+ Laminated Mahogany

Neck: Tri-Laminate mahogany with two reinforced carbon fiber strips

Fret: Steel Round Frets

Surface painting with four color finishes

Paired with Donner Play APP: Includes chord sheet, lick samples, songs and free courses.

Nut Width: 43mm

Scale Length: 628mm

Pick-up: 1 x Donner patented Coil pickup with strong magnets, 1 x Donner patented piezo pick up

Electronics: 1.7'' screen with touch control panel; RGH Lighting fretboard with 128 beads


The price and official launch date of REVO Smart Guitar has yet to be announced.