Donner Music is proud to unveil the Backbeat, our most advanced and feature-packed electronic drum kit to date. The Backbeat represents the pinnacle of Donner's e-drum lineup, offering professional-grade performance and innovative features at an exceptional value.

Setting a New Standard The Backbeat elevates the electronic drumming experience with its cutting-edge technology and uncompromising build quality. Highlights include a vibrant 7-inch touchscreen module, multi-channel USB audio capabilities, Bluetooth connectivity, and full mixing tools with effects processing.

Intelligent Illumination One of the Backbeat's standout features is its intelligently designed light-up drum and cymbal pads. With customizable LED illumination, players can create stunning light shows that react to their playing dynamics. Customize colors, patterns, and behavior modes for an immersive visual experience.

Superior Playability Donner has equipped the Backbeat with premium mesh drum heads across all pads, including dual-zone snare, toms, and cymbal pads for unparalleled expression. The kit's professional configuration includes an 8-inch dual rack tom, 10-inch snare, 10-inch floor tom, 12-inch crash and ride cymbal pads, and a 10-inch kick tower accommodating double bass drum pedals.

Powerful Module At the heart of the Backbeat is a robust module packed with over 1,100 high-fidelity drum samples covering a wide range of musical styles. Sculpt your sound with built-in reverbs, EQs, compressors, and delays. The touchscreen interface provides intuitive navigation and editing capabilities.

Unrivaled Connectivity The Backbeat offers unmatched connectivity with multi-channel USB audio interfacing to record each pad individually to a computer. Stay wirelessly connected via Bluetooth for audio streaming and app control using the Donner Music app.

The Donner Backbeat represents the perfect fusion of innovation, performance, and value. Whether you're an aspiring drummer, touring professional, or studio enthusiast, the Backbeat delivers an unparalleled electronic drumming experience. Experience the future of e-drums with Donner today.