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A Guide to Redeem DAC of Cubase LE offered by Donner


Donner offers free genuine Steinberg Softwares including Cubase LE, WaveLab LE and Cubasis LE to buyers of most MIDI products. You can claim your free Download Access Code here

Once you claim your code from Donner via here, follow this guide to use it to get all 3 free legendary softwares with just 1 code. 


Steinberg Download Assistant (recommended)

By redeeming a Download Access Code in the Steinberg Download Assistant, the whole process of product activation and provisioning of the installation can be made in one go. Just enter the Download Access Code and the Steinberg Download Assistant guides you through the required steps.



You can also redeem a Download Access Code in your MySteinberg account. Once you've logged in, click on "Redeem Download Access Code" in the “Products” category and follow the on-screen instructions.


Please note that redeeming Download Access Codes in the Steinberg Download Assistant (see above) is more convenient.