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The new DONNER ‘flagship’ mesh kit DED-200 Pro


Scott Holder from Digital Drummer has done a detailed review of the Donner DED-200 Pro from appearance, features, controls, performance and sound. 

Scott says:

“DONNER released a mesh-based drum kit in late 2019. At the time, the DED-200 made a splash in the budget e-kit world because of its price and the fact the snare, kick and toms were all mesh. The latest offering is the DED-200 Pro, “pro” being the key in differentiating the new release from the old.

The DED-200 Pro is available at two price points.  The other difference from the original DED-200 is a change from mesh to rubber for the kick and a significantly expanded module.”

Head to Digital Drummer to see the full review. 

DONNER DED-200  Pro Specifications

Drum sound module: DED-200 Pro

Drum pads: 1 x 8” snare; 3 x 8” toms

Cymbals: 1 x 10” dual-zone, chokeable ride (bow & edge); 1 x 10” dual-zone, chokeable crash (bow & edge)

Kick: 1 x 6” upright rubber

Hi-hat: controller pedal; 10” single-zone pad No. of kits: 30 Preset; 1 User Songs/practice tracks: 50

No. of instruments (voices/sounds): 450

Trigger parameters: Pitch, Pan, Velocity, Sensitivity, Threshold, Crosstalk, Retrig cancel and Volume.

Kit parameters: Reverb (with Bass/Treble and Ambiance settings via knobs on the module face)

Click tempo range: 30-250 bpm; 9 beats

Pad connection: Wiring harness to ¼” stereo; 1 x ¼” to ¼” stereo

Interfaces: USB to Device

Outputs: 1 x 1 ⁄8” stereo (headphones); L/R ¼” mono (TS unbalanced)

Inputs: 1 ⁄8” stereo

Latency: 11.4 ms