Born for Live Stream Performance
PC-02 Integrated Podcast Workstation
Flexible to a Variety of Application Scenarios
It Supports Multiplayer Live Broadcasting as well as 4-person Band Performance
4 individually adjustable monitoring channels are capable of simultaneously recording multiple data sets. They can be configured to output a mixed recording, export mixed audio, and access storage reading functions, supporting either a two-person talk show or a four-piece band performance.
The two monitoring modes on each headphone can be switched to your need. During a performance, musicians can adjust the percentage of monitoring instruments be it their own instruments or the main out.
A Variety of Input / Output Connectors, More Benefits for Live Streaming
Thanks to dedicated interfaces for dynamic microphones, condenser microphones, musical instruments, and game console optical fiber, PC-02 works well for all contents and creators, the podcasters,the streamers, the room band or muscians, the stand-up comedians, the interviewers, the gaming host and so on.
Exclusive Vocal Algorithm by DONNER: Sound Module and Voice Optimization Solution
PC-02 employs DONNER's exclusive technique, which is identical to its guitar effect technlogy. Noise Gate, Compressor, De-esser, EQ (Equalizer), Reve Rb, Delay, AutoTune, Pitch, Megaphone, and RobotTalk are among the ten independent modules.
The vocal optimization solution, with 24bit High-End level Codec and premium low-noise mic preamp for professional broadcast quality. EQ, Compress, deesser and noie gating controls makes your voice sound amazing. It allows the audiences to focus on your charming voices. It is especially great for the talk show program.
PC-02 Integrated Podcast Workstation
Designing with Individuality in Mind
Technological, Stylish and Cool Design
The PC-02 features a space purple metal spray paint finish, clear command buttons, and an LED display. When turned on, the stunning and ethereal lighting effect is amazing. From the layout of the operating panel to the keys and backlights, every aspect has been thoughtfully designed with the user experience in mind.
Dynamic Sound and Lighting Effects
The RGB LED lights can be customized and adjusted according to your preferences, aesthetics or usage habits, and the backlit color of the whole machine can be changed too.
Five electric faders have dynamic light strips to enhance interactivity. 9x3 customizable personalized PADs with four effect settings including AutoTune,Pitch, Megaphone and RobotTalk. This mixing console emphasizes personalization is highly entertaining, and playable. Create your own personal stage!
9X3Customizable personalized PADs
10Independant sound modules
5Motorized faders
Motorized faders, One-click switch Mixer
When switching between numerous channels, you can be efficient and free to move around thanks to the humanistic design, one-click reset, and personal memory of the prior monitoring percentage.
Strong compatibility. One workstation, for every content creators
PC-02 can be used as a standalone workstation or to connect to other devices such as PC, iPad, Smartphone, PlayStation, X Box, etc. It is appropriate for podcasters or streamers with advanced needs. Moreover it is genius in content production, good for live broadcasters or band players in studio.
Instructions &tutorial video guide includedOnline video tutorial, Instruction handbook and quick Operation Guide
Free after-sales technical supportAfter-sales service: provide professional customer service training
PC-02 Integrated Podcast Workstation
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