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ARENA 2000
Discover Your Personal Tone
Donner Develops Technology Exclusively
Strives to create high-precision guitar tone
FVACM Technology Accurately Captures Performance Dynamics
Donner's core research and development team independently developed FVACM technology (Forward Analog Virtual Circuit Modeling), which can accurately capture performance dynamics. When combined with high-precision 24bit/44.1kHz audio processing, it greatly reduces the "plastic taste" of the digital effect, making the tone more layered, allowing you to play real emotions without reservation.
23.2ms IR Resolution Restores the Details of Each Frame
The IR resolution of Arena2000 is up to 23.2ms. The ultralong resolution capability can precisely restore the tone of the IR collection object and reproduce the acoustic environment of the collection space, resulting in a tone with a greater dynamic range and a stronger sense of spatial authenticity.
More Function, More Playability
Arena2000 with a total of 278 effect types, provides a wide range of legendary guitar tones from music history. Whether it's fresh urban pop or high-speed thrash metal, you'll find all the tones you want and need!
Classic Effect Simulations
Amp Simulations
Cabinet Simulations
Independent IR Effect Module to Offer Greater Innovation
Arena2000 has 50 built-in IRs At the same time, it also provides 50 banks to import third-party IRs. As an artist you will be able to astound the world by showcasing your distinct style and remarkable creativity.
Flexible Music Creation is Made Possible with More Built-in Effects
With a built-in looper that supports up to 60 seconds of looper and 40 different drum rhythms, Arena2000 can quickly record demos or perform live as a one-man band. In order to allow you to freely create in the middle of the night, it also enables headphone output. Additionally, you can rapidly capture your inspiration using OTG and your phone.
Seconds of Looper
Drum Rhythms
Arena2000 will give you unlimited support whether it's for a live show or a home studio.
Full Function Transformed from Bedroom to Stage
Switch Your Tone Library with Just One Foot in Seconds
Arena2000 customizes the CTRL mode, internal EXP1 expression pedal, external EXP2 expression pedal, rapid toggle on/off of any effect module, and parameter adjustments to make it simpler for guitarists to obtain the ideal tone.
Storage Parameters for Intelligent Device Linkage
You can utilize the computer and mobile smart APP for editing and control if you wish to update the tone parameters. Additionally, you can backup your customized tone parameters and easily retrieve them whenever necessary. Arena2000 will serve as a portable personal tone library for artists that perform in a variety of styles at any given moment.
Both Amateur and Professional Musicians Can Easily Get Started
The arena2000's touch mode complements its small function panel design, and the navigation is simple and clear. Even beginners who have never handled a multi-effect processor can quickly get started. It can be the finest accessory to have with you at all times, whether you're in the studio, on stage, or in your bedroom.
Ideal for On-stage Performance, Recording, and Daily Practice
The Arena2000 has Guitar In, Aux In, MIDI In, XLR L/R, and Unbalanced 1/4 "Its L/R, Phone Out, and USB Interface capabilities make it a potent multi-terminal interface that can operate in any circumstance. A cabinet simulation (Cab Sim) output option that allows users to effortlessly switch between the 1/4 output port and the XLR output port. This feature makes it very handy for artists to perform live.


  • Power Supply
    9V DC
  • Current Draw


  • 150 Presets (50 Banks x 3 Presets)
  • 80 Hi-res Amp Models
  • 50 Built-in Cab IR Models + 50 Slots for Loading 3rd Part IRs
  • IR Length
  • A Total of 278 Effects
  • Built-in Drum Machine with 40 Patterns
  • 60s Looper with Reversed/Double Speed/Half Speed
  • USB Audio/Recording supports recording dry and effect signals simultaneously


  • 11.8 x 5.9 x 1.97 inches
  • 4.41 pounds