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Donner Introduces Multiple New DED Series Electronics Drum Kits and Upgrades at NAMM 2023


Anaheim, CA – April 04, 2023 – Donner, leading manufacturer of innovative and feature-rich musical instruments, announces multiple upgrades to the company’s DED e-drums product lineup. New DED-80P, DED-95, DED-200P, have been unveiled for the first time with significant hardware and software upgrades while DED-500 and DED-500P mark the most high-end offer as the company’s flagship products with a variety of features.



Since its launch in 2019, the time-trusted DED-200 with all mesh pads has been one of Donner’s best-seller drum kits and helped numerous beginners to thrive and grow on their way to be an advanced drummer.


The DED-200P Electronic Drum Set builds on the solid features of the DED-200 while introducing innovative new technologies and electronics. This adaptable drum set comes with double-ply mesh heads that are sensitive to velocity and provide genuine acoustic feel and responsiveness. The mesh heads are designed with dual-triggering technology and the cymbals are dual-zone and chokeable, making them suitable for drummers with varying playing styles, including those who play hard rock or have a lighter touch. A change from mesh to rubber for kick also offers a solid and authentic feedback.


Additionally, the DED-200P comes with 450 sounds, 30 preset kits and 50 practice tracks, making it effortless to play along with your preferred tracks for rehearsal or record your performance for assessment.


DED-200P Specs:

Built-in 450 sounds, 30 drum sets and 50 demo songs

Kick: 6” Silicone + Wire Stepping Hammer Support Double-stepping

Snare: 8" Dual-Zone Mesh

Rack: Tom 8" Single-Zone Mesh

Rack: Tom2 8" Single-Zone Mesh

Floor Tom: 8" Single-Zone Mesh

Hi-hat: 10" Single-Zone Plastic single connectors

Crash: 10" Dual-Zone Plastic single connectors

Ride: 10" Dual-Zone Plastic single connectors

Dimensions: 90.5x50x 31 cm

Weight: 25KG


DED-500 & DED-500P

Donner's latest DED-500P electronic drum set is a state-of-the-art instrument that delivers a premium drumming experience. The product boasts a brand-new module, a powerful sound library, and more than two expansion ports for configuration customization. The product's sleek and high-end appearance, with a metal pressure ring that emulates the feel of a real drum, provides an authentic playing experience. The standalone hi-hat configuration and classic sound of acoustic drum kits satisfy the needs of professional users. With 948 built-in tones, 72 drum sets, and 15 demo songs, the audio generator's balance and parameter adjustment functions allow you to set the tone details as desired. The 10-inch (double trigger) mesh drum pads provide excellent trigger and feel, enabling you to showcase your playing skills.


Additionally, the product features a 12-inch independent hi-hat with a precise positioning sensor to fully restore real-world playing skills and a 12-inch crash with dual triggers. Connect to DAW software via USB MIDI or audio output interface, the DED-500P is designed for professional performance, home practice, or small recording studio.


The only slight difference between the DED-500 and DED-500P is that the cymbals on the DED-500P are made and covered by a layer of rubber that mimics the appearance of real cymbals. The DED-500P will only be available through Donner's selected retailers.



Built-in 948 sounds, 72 drum sets and 15 demo songs

Kick: 7.5" Mesh+Wire Stepping Hammer

Snare: 10" Dual-Zone Mesh Simulation of real drums with independent snare drum stand

Rack Tom: 10’’ Dual-Zone Mesh Simulated drum pad

Rack Tom2: 10’’ Dual-Zone Mesh Simulated drum pad

Floor Tom: 10’’ Dual-Zone Mesh Simulated drum pad

Hi-hat: 12" Dual-Zone

Crash: 12"Dual-Zone Half packet glue

Ride: 12" Dual-Zone Half packet glue

Dimensions: 90x70x39cm

Weight: 40.2K



DED-80P & DED-95

Both DED-80P and DED-95 are new electronic drum kits that are great for beginners as well as any drummer looking for a simple and quiet practice solution. With 180 built-in tones, 15 drum sets and 30 demo songs, young players will explore a variety of music genres with these portable drum kits, which also offer premium features including toms with 7-inch double layer mesh pads, cymbals with 10-inch Single-Zone Iron rod support.


What makes them outstanding is that the DED-80P features a more light-weighted design of 13kg and a 6-inch silicone pad for bass drum while DED-95 has a 7-inch snare with Dual-Zone mesh pad and a steel pedal for floor drum with 2.5" Silicone Wire Stepping Hammer that feel more natural and play just like acoustic drums.


DED-80P Features

Built-in 180 sounds, 15 drum sets and 30 demo songs

Drum pads: 1x 7’’ Snare, 3 x 7" toms, Single-Zone Mesh

Kick: 6’’ Silicone + Wire Stepping Hammer

Hi-hat: 10" Single-Zone Iron rod support

Crash: 10" Single-Zone Iron rod support

Ride: 10" Single-Zone Iron rod support

Dimensions: 65.00 x 51.00 x 22.00 cm

Weight: 13.47KG



DED-95 Features

Built-in 180 sounds, 15 drum sets and 30 demo songs

Kick: 2.5" Silicone+Wire Stepping Hammer

Snare: 7" Single-Zone mesh

Rack Tom: 7" Single-Zone Mesh

Rack Tom2: 7" Single-Zone Mesh

Floor Tom: 7" Single-Zone Mesh

Hi-hat: 10" Single-Zone Iron rod support

Crash: 10" Single-Zone Iron rod support

Ride: 10" Single-Zone Iron rod support

Dimensions: 86 x 40 x 30cm

Weight: 17KG



Click here for images of the new drum sets.



DED-80P , DED-200P  and DED-500P  will be available from authorized retailers worldwide. DED-500 and DED-95 will be available from Donner’s online marketplaces including Donnerdeal.com and Amazon.

Please visit Donnermusic.com for more updated information.