The new MIDI keyboard features Intelligent Dynamic Scale Mode and Real-Time Multi-Mode Control to make it easier than ever for users to arrange music

OCTOBER 17, 2022 — LOS ANGELES — Donner, leading manufacturer of innovative and feature-rich musical instruments, has launched the DMK-25 PRO, an innovative portable MIDI keyboard ideal for music creators of all genres. Supporting a large variety of popular DAWs in the market, the DMK-25 PRO provides users with a complete music production experience, while also streamlining their workflow.

Features such as Intelligent Dynamic Scale Mode and Real-Time Multi-Mode Control make it easier than ever for users to arrange their music, and the included 16 modal scales - let players transition seamlessly between different musical genres, generating an infinite amount of creative possibilities. Other convenient functions, such as arpeggio, note-repeat, and chord functions, are easily manageable for even a novice creator. 

Featuring a portable and lightweight design, the DMK-25 PRO fits easily into a backpack, allowing users to carrying the MIDI keyboard to a café, studio, park or wherever inspiration may strike. A variety of DAW and USB bus-powered features add to the unit’s versatility — making it plug and play ready.

The DMK-25 PRO MIDI keyboard features four innovative wheels, six transport controllers, two touch strips with light scale for pitch bend and modulation, as well as a high-definition OLED screen display, which provides great visual control. A straightforward panel design makes it easy to find and view functions in real-time, making arranging a breeze.

Velocity-sensitive keys and eight velocity-sensitive pads are ultra-responsive, creating four exquisite touch-sensitive curves.


As part of Donner’s commitment to providing entry-level musicians with enjoyable and innovative musical instruments, the company has partnered with some of the leading DAWs in the music industry to offer musicians a complete starter pack.

The DMK-25 PRO is now available as a bundle with three Steinberg DAWs, including Cubase LE, which is derived from legendary Cubase software line, WaveLab LE, for mastering, and Cubasis LE, the iOS version of Cubase LE. Customers of the following Donner’s devices are eligible for the full bundle of Steinberg software: 


DMK-25 PRO MIDI Keyboard Controller

STARRYPAD Pad Controller

STARRYKEY25 MIDI Keyboard Controller

STARRYKEY37 MIDI Keyboard Controller

N-25 MIDI Keyboard Controller

N-32 MIDI Keyboard Controller



Explore a new way to learn and practice keys with Donner DMK-25 Pro and Melodics educational app.


Donner has also partnered with Melodics, who offers a new way to learn and practice MIDI keyboard every day. Melodics will provide Donner customers with 40 free lessons and one beginner course with the purchase of the DMK-25 PRO. This is also available for all Donner MIDI keyboard, pad controller and e-drum customers, which means customers will get totally 120 free lessons and 3 beginner courses for each instrument they buy from Donner.


Free DACs of Steinberg software and the Melodics course codes are now available via Donner’s Customer Service.  


Donner DMK 25-Pro Specifications:

Number of Keys: 25

Key Size:   Mini

Controls:   Pitch bend and modulation touch strips,

8 backlit pads, 4 assignable knobs,

4 assignable sliders, 8 function buttons, 6 transport buttons,

OLED display for visual feedback  

Connectivity:   USB Type-C, 3.5MM Jack MIDI out

Dimension: 337X183X26 MM

Weight: 0.68kg


The DMK-25 Pro is now available at MSRP $109 on Donner Music and US Amazon Storefront.