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Donner VS. Gibson Les Paul Guitar Tone Comparison


Thom Dunn, band leader of the Roland High Life, staff writer from Wirecutter, whose main guitar since 2003 has been a cherry red Gibson Les Paul Junior Special (affectionately known as Roxie). 

According to what he comments on the DST-400 guitar,  "The action is smooth like butter, and the P90s pickups both compliment and inform my playing style — they have a crisp, clear analog warmth, with the thickness of a humbucker and the bright twang of a single-coil pickup." 

But Thom recently got a chance to mess around with a Donner Seeker DST-400. Let's watch how a $200 guitar from Donner compares to a Gibson Les Paul. The full review was originally posted on Boingboing.net